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USERC means U. S. Entrepreneurs Resource Center.  It was born to help you get the benefit of our MLM and Networking business experiences and insights, and to rapidly develop a new success point of view for what you’re doing.

Please add the address of this site to your favorites and bookmarks. It is: www.userc.com

In the various posts we explain activities, techniques and terms you may have heard before, as well as some you may never have heard. And we answer questions about MLM and Networking. If there’s something you want discussed, send your question or comment using the contact form below and we’ll write new posts covering the most frequently requested topics.

The knowledge here applies generically.

Whatever you’re doing, whomever you’re doing it with, and however you define success with MLM and Networking, our sincere hope is for you to benefit from what we provide, and achieve your success sooner and bigger!

Rich Shefferman


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