It’s NOT a Downline

Think about how you would feel if someone invited you to join their team.  Or if they invited you to join their business organization.  You could be pretty flattered, right?

Now, think about how you would feel if they asked you to be part of their downline.

Not as good, huh?

Downline is like being downtrodden.  It’s a negative, derogatory, denigrating word.  Who wants to be in someone’s downline?

Yes, we know downline is a term that’s been flaunted for decades in the MLM arena.  Mostly by thoughtless folks who don’t know how to speak to people.  They use it to mean the opposite of upline, (which is a good word if yours is helping you and you’re edifying them).

When you encounter a person who’s boasting about the size of the downline they’re building, and introducing new people to members of their downline, notice how the people being introduced cringe every time they’re referred to as being part of a downline.  You might want to consider finding a different upline for yourself.  One that is more enlightened about how to speak to and treat people.  It’s your prerogative when selecting a company to also select the upline you want to work with.

So realize: You’re NOT building a downline.  You’re developing a BUSINESS ORGANIZATION.

Also, edify the people in your organization when you introduce them.  After all, without them, where would you be?