Products: Gift, Air, or REAL

Are you thinking of getting involved with a group that has local meetings that start with an announcement that “If anyone here is from the District Attorney’s office, or is in any way involved with law enforcement, please leave now.  This is a private meeting”.

Is it called a “Board” or a “Gifting” program?

Does it involve putting up a chunk of money, like $2000 cash?  And then bringing your friends to the next meeting so they can do the same?  And so on, and so on?  Do people advance on the “Board” based on how many people put in money after them?  Do you get nothing for your money except a CHANCE to get to the top?  Are the levels given names like: Passenger, Cabin Attendant, Navigator, Co-Pilot and Pilot?  And when you get to be the Pilot do you think you get to collect a BIG chunk of money, like $60,000?

Can’t you SMELL how illegal that is?

Don’t you see what a loser that is?  That when it shuts down, or gets shut down, how many people will just LOSE their money?  That you could get arrested, have a criminal record, and even do jail time?

When you confront the friends who invited you by saying that it may not last long enough for you to get to the top, do they try to make you feel that you’re being silly?  That there are so many people wanting to get in that it won’t ever stop?  Do they even claim that it’s perfectly legal?

You may not have chosen your friends well.  They are so lacking in moral sensibility as to be called amoral, if not outright immoral.  This is a classic “Ponzi Scheme”.  It’s what people call an illegal pyramid, and it’s not even in Egypt. Some people incorrectly equate this with MLM.  Selling a gifting program will get you labeled a FELON.

RUN, don’t walk to the nearest exit.

There can be similar problems for you if you’re not careful to not join a company that sells AIR.  (That’s an intentional double negative).

There are plenty of companies around that put a price tag on what otherwise is freely available advice, and sell it as their product in a networking MLM compensation plan.

You can Google for the advice and get it free, but they use it as a “Beard” to justify to you that they are legitimate.  Of course, when the FTC gets around to prosecuting and fining them, you will lose anything you’ve developed or put into their program.  Some of the kinds of “products” they provide include business advice, cooking recipes, and tax advice.  ALL freely available by researching on the internet.

Stay away.  All you can get from selling air is an eventual nothing for your efforts.

So, make sure you go with a company that is actually selling REAL products.  Preferably consumable products that people like.  Or, a legitimate, professional service provided on the basis of a monthly membership. Anytime they talk about a residual income, remember that it’s based on continued sales.  Usually repeat sales, and not just a progression of one-time big ticket item sales. A monthly membership for a service is similar to a repeat sale because it continues to provide that service month after month. In the realm of professional services, they can be fulfilling a need that is lifelong for their members. For you, that means that your member customers may stay as customers for much longer periods than would customers for physical products.

Also, even some companies that SEEM to have a real product line do NOT.  Be suspicious of outlandish claims about the results of using the products if you haven’t had the outlandish results yourself.

The bottom line is: You live in the real world.  Make sure whatever you decide to work with is also real.

Use your good senses, or someday you may have to come to them.