Duplication? Is That All There Is?

Duplication, Duplication and more Duplication.  The foundation of success in a people business.

Don’t take it for granted. Duplication is an extremely powerful business expansion method. Franchises make you pay to be part of their duplicated systems. Large companies with multiple outlets use it. Just because you’re all in for $1000 and it didn’t cost you $999,000 doesn’t mean you should disrespect it.

You’ll want to harness its power. Because duplication gets you the business volume leverage you need to be successful. Duplication is how you develop hundreds and then thousands of people in your Business Organization each doing what you do. And, you get a little piece of each of their efforts in return for establishing the organization and teaching what you do. That adds up to a whole lot.

If you do things right.

There’s no point in doing things wrong and having that get duplicated. You won’t get success out of doing things wrong. When your company and/or your upline makes a recommendation, they’re teaching you how to do something right, and you need to be learning.

The thing about learning is found in the old expression: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

If you think you have nothing to learn from your upline and your company, maybe you haven’t been listening hard enough, and haven’t shown up on their radar as a student. Ask your upline to tell you how they do what they do to be successful. And then LISTEN with ALL your ears and brains. The brain part is important because you’ll want to formulate specific questions. And LISTEN to the answers. And incorporate what they do into what you do.

When you’re doing everything right in accordance with your upline and your company, you’ll be able to pass on the teaching to the people you’ve sponsored…  When they’re ready to learn.

Until then, you’ll get a true understanding of the phrase: “There’s a lot to learn, but nothing to teach”. Because until they show up as students, you have nothing to teach. All you can do is offer it until they realize they want it. Everyone wakes up at their own speed. You can’t shove it down their closed throats. Maybe you could make this post required reading?

The word duplication ends in “tion”. There are a number of other “tion” words, (we call them shun words), involved in MLM which we’ll discuss in a post in the category “MLM Networking”.

For here and now, there are a few things you’ll want to know about the duplication word.

First of all, and especially in large companies, various uplines will have established different, (although similar), methods of doing things right. Some might have refined scripts for inviting local or warm market prospects to presentations. You should do it YOUR upline’s way because they may have tailored their presentations to take advantage of the subtleties of their invitations. Some uplines recommend working with distant prospects first, before approaching your warm market. You should do it YOUR upline’s way because that’s what made them successful. And, that’s why you chose them.

When you find yourself at a large meeting or convention, if some people from “crossline” uplines begin discussing methodologies, don’t get into any arguments. They should follow their upline, and you follow your upline. If you ever think of or hear something that could work or could be a refinement to your system, talk with your upline about it. They may know something about it that you haven’t thought of, which is why they don’t already do it.

One of the things you’ll teach your organization, when they’re ready, is that their business is NOT the idea of the week business. It’s the duplication business. It doesn’t matter if someone has a degree in marketing. What they think they know doesn’t apply here. This is MLM. It’s not television. It’s not big budget. It’s word of mouth people marketing. And people marketing is vastly different from advertising or institutional marketing.

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need to know any more about duplication.

But it’s not a perfect world.

Here’s the situation in a people business.

People will duplicate 100% of anything you do wrong. But, only about 50% of what you do right.

We, and most other top performers in MLM know this from experience. Sometimes from heartbreaking experience.

Take it as gospel.

How’s that for motivation to do everything right?

So, bend over backwards to do everything right, and you’ll have half a chance of being correctly duplicated.

The rest of the time, look for openings to teach what you’re doing so the people in your organization get an opportunity to see how to do things right, and pass on the duplication.