Pick a Company? – Why, How and How Much $$

Most of us only know the “3 G’s” of life.  Grow up, Go to school, Get a job.  We were taught that by our parents and our teachers and our neighbors.

Don’t be dismayed.  They could only teach what they knew.  They were part of the 98% of the population that only knows the “3 G’s”, and they were teaching us to be like them.  Some of them were actually able to survive until death without ever knowing any more.  Others didn’t survive so well.  Or, aren’t surviving so well today unless we help them.  All of them think that’s the way life has to be.

Because you’re reading this, we know you’ve realized that there must be more.  That the other 2% must know something the 98% don’t.

The 2% seem happy.  Wealthy.  Able to live freely.  Able to take expensive vacations.  Able to accumulate more high quality “stuff”. They don’t seem to be trading their time for money.  They seem to know how to acquire and multiply more money than you could ever trade your hours for.  They don’t just work for a business, they have an ownership stake in it. They must have a secret, because the 98% sure don’t know it.

You may have concluded that the secret is that they own their own businesses.  But it’s not.  That may be part of it, but there are plenty of 98% folks who own businesses too. And they work in those businesses trading hours for dollars.  Like the guy who owns his own carpet cleaning business.  If he wants more income, he has to sell more carpet cleaning.  And then go do it himself.  If he sells so much that he needs to hire help, that brings up a whole host of other problems. Employees aren’t necessarily as motivated as he is, and sometimes he ends up making less than he would have if he had just sold less carpet cleaning.  So he just keeps on trading hours of labor for dollars in his wallet.  The 98% is always feeling the futility of a dog chasing its tail.  Ask any of them how their year went, and most will tell you that some days they were the dog, and other days they were the hydrant.

Was that, is that, (maybe), you?

You want to migrate from the 98% to the 2%?

And you just need to figure out the secret?

You’re SO CLOSE.  So here it is (drum roll):

It’s leverage.  That’s right, LEVERAGE.  It’s not even a big word.

The 2% come from everywhere.  Some were born into it, and others hit on the secret and moved into it.

A person who was born into it was taught about leverage by their parents.  They use money to get leverage.  They get their training working in the family business. They go to college as a finishing school.  They get degrees just to have credentials. They inherit what they need to buy and sell companies, stocks, and real estate, all the while increasing the value of their assets and drawing off whatever income they want.

But the 98% don’t have the birthright assets to get leverage going for themselves, so they’ve never bothered to look for the secret to expansion.

Which brings us back to YOU.

When you’ve hit on the secret, you have to leverage what you have.  And it’s not millions of dollars or you wouldn’t be reading this.

That’s WHY you have to PICK a Company.

What you have to bring to the leverage table is TIME and EFFORT.

You could establish your own company thinking that time and effort should be enough, but it still would take MONEY.  The amount of money is where you would probably hit a brick wall.  Even people who started off small, (in their homes to save on overhead), will tell you that it took MANY THOUSANDS of dollars of expenses before they started to see any income. They maxed out credit cards and borrowed from their parents, (and children), to pay for advertising, promoting, printing, marketing, postage, equipment, travel, inventory, part-time help, attorneys, accountants, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

That’s not going to work for you because you probably don’t have access to money that way.  But we bring it up to make a point.

Which is: Don’t be naive.  No one who writes truthfully is EVER going to claim that you can start and leverage a business for NOTHING!

No can do.

BUT, you can do it for very little.  So, being reasonable, what do you have to do, and what will it take?

You can’t do it yourself.  And you don’t have the money to buy a franchise.  NOT that a franchise would be a way to get into the 2%.  So here’s the deal:

You have to find a company that already exists that will pay you to develop a sales organization from your home, with the pay being proportional to the sales your organization makes.  Now you don’t have to have a staff, and you don’t have to manufacture a product.  You don’t need a warehouse, a shipping department, or an accounting department.  And you’ll want to work with a company, and people, who have already developed promotional materials you can use.

All this points you to companies that sell their products in the system of distribution called MLM.

You’ll want to pick a situation where you won’t be embarrassed by promoting their products, and neither will anyone who you invite to be a member of your organization.  Some writers advise that you pick something to promote that you are passionate about.  Of course, if you are passionate about money, and just look for a company with a big payout, you may not stick around long enough to ever get it.  We say you should control your thinking.  Some people may be passionate about airplanes, but they may not find an airplane manufacturer that has an MLM system.  What should inspire your passion might need to be re-directed to thinking about companies whose customers buy their products over and over because they really like them. Or, to a company providing a service using a monthly membership. Each month, as a member pays for their membership, it’s as if they were buying a product they like over again. Then, see if you really like the service, too.  If you do, that company could be a good fit for you.

You’ll want to pick a company where EVERYONE has the SAME opportunity to do the same thing you do. That’s where you’ll get your LEVERAGE.

So, how much money will it reasonably take when you find a likely company?

You’ll need to buy an initial order of products.  These are for you to use, and also to give out as samples. It’s much easier to promote a product if you become a “product of the product”.  You should also set up an autoship to receive future product shipments.  Some companies require that you establish an autoship if you want to get paid for the organization you build. You’ll need a registration fee, which might have to be renewed annually. In membership service companies, you’ll need to get some kind of starter kit, usually including business materials, promotional materials and training. Also, in order to become a “product of the product”, you should get your own membership and USE it. Whatever the service is, develop your own story of how it helps you. You’ll need some money to buy leads of other people interested in finding a solution like you’ve found. And you’ll probably need to buy more leads every month.  In addition to company and upline training, you’ll want to buy some specialized training in how to approach leads.  You can work with what’s called your “warm market”, but we think it’s better to wait and approach them only after you’re successful. Then you won’t have to take any chiding from the “warm” 98%.  Also, some companies have arranged for enrollment packs of their products.  These can be a good deal, because if you add up what your wholesale cost would have been for the products in the pack, you’ll see that they’re offering a nice discount.

Don’t have a “98 percenter’s” knee jerk reaction to what this will all add up to.

Knee jerks are one of the things that keeps the 98% poor.  It’s not hundreds of thousands, or even tens of thousands, or even thousands.

With most companies, you can do all of the above for about $450 including shipping and sales tax.  Your monthly autoship and some leads could be as little as $250 including shipping and sales tax.  If you want to take advantage of an initial discounted enrollment pack, that could add an additional $400 to $1000 to your first order. With membership companies, this all could be MUCH less.

See? The truth wasn’t so bad, was it?

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