The SHUN Words

SHUN words end in “tion”, or sometimes “sion”.

The main one in a people marketing business is DUPLICATION. We discuss that in the Category called Building YOUR Business.

There are a number of other SHUN words, and we’ll describe them, (and their consequences), here.

Let’s start with EDIFICATION.

When you edify a person, to a group or another person, you say things that build up their reputation. By doing this, you instill a feeling of trust for them. Trust is very important in a people business. People might like you and your upline, but they won’t enroll if they don’t find someone to trust. They might only have met you recently, maybe only on the phone, and though they may like you, they don’t yet trust you. When you edify your upline to them during the course of an introduction, they will begin to trust your upline. You might say something like: “I want you to meet my upline sponsor Frank. He’s the one I was telling you about who’s helped me build my organization almost overnight, and I know he’ll help you, too.  He’s one of the top people in the company.”

And then, because edification is a 2 way street, Frank will say: “Well, it really helped that Mary, (YOU), is a diligent business partner. When you enroll with her you’ll get both of us helping you and we’ll have you up and profitable real fast. Are you enrolling today?

So Frank has edified you back, helped your prospect feel good about trusting both of you, and moved the enrollment process along for you.

It’s important that everyone in the people business know how to edify back and forth and establish trust from newcomers.

Here’s the next word: PERSUASION.

It’s important to understand how to persuade, (sell), your prospects on enrolling in your organization. When you get some training in using scripts with leads, you’ll be taught how to take the focus OFF of you, and guide your prospect to make an enrolling or buying decision based on THEIR personal needs. This is a gentle skill, and they’ll always respect you for it as they learn it for themselves.

Now take a look at RETRIBUTION.

This is what happens when you do something wrong, and duplication kicks in at 100%.

You might have said something negative about someone in your upline. Accidently, of course. It just slipped out. Which is why we teach not to say anything negative about anyone, ever. Of course, someone hears it, and the result is summed up in the expression: “What you do to your upline, your organization will do to you”. That’s Retribution, and after it’s been done to you once, you’ll learn to button your lips.

SATURATION used to be a question that came up a lot.

40 years ago, in the middle of a presentation, some engineer would get up from the audience waving a slide rule, and shouting: “According to my calculations, if this goes the way you say it does, and you do these presentations 5 nights a week, and so does everyone who gets in, and so on, and so on, you’ll have enrolled every person in the country in the next seven weeks! That’s total saturation, and there won’t be anyone left to sell to!”. Some of those guys were imposing and persuasive, and there were always some people who they turned off with their outburst.

Now, after 40 years of proof that saturation isn’t going to happen, the outbursts don’t occur much. And engineers don’t use slide rules anymore.  Many have never even seen one. Our reply to their question was usually something like: “If you’re correct, you’d better sign up right now so you can get your share or you’ll be a total loser, won’t you?”

PREPARATION is critical.

If you have a script for a call, don’t make that call until you have that script in front of you. If you’re going to meet someone to fill out your enrollment form, be sure you have it ready before you leave home.  You don’t want to be seen as a blunderer as you go fishing for it in a 3 inch thick briefcase. Just like a good scout, be prepared.

ATTRACTION is what we call the kind of marketing we do.

Learn how to have a conversation in which you speak to a person correctly. So many of us think that because we use language, we speak correctly. That’s not true. Speaking correctly involves using language in a kind manner, and drawing out your prospect’s needs such that they can make decisions without feeling probed. If you get some training and do it right, your prospect will feel attracted to you to enroll in your organization.

If you just dump a presentation on a prospect, you’ll get the opposite of an attraction response from her.

She’ll feel REPULSION.

You will have repelled her away from you. Even if, someday, she enrolls in your company, it won’t be with you. So learn to do it right.

DOMINATION is another way to repel people.

If you have an overpowering personality, you might be making your prospects feel dominated. Some people will sign up just to shut you up. Then, when they’re away from you they’ll call your company and cancel their order. Most companies will accept the cancellation gracefully because they don’t want to have any problems with their credit card processor or with the Federal Trade Commission. So your victory through domination will be very short lived. Don’t dominate. Learn how to speak to people. We know you don’t think you need to learn this, but if you’re not having enough good experiences, you need to examine yourself. It’s not them, it’s YOU.