So, You’re in Business for Yourself – Do You OWN It?

When you’re in business for yourself developing a business organization within a company you don’t own, is it really your own business?


But the short, quick answer is misleading.  The question has to be examined in the light of how society works today. That means looking at how our society works from a pragmatic, straight thinking point of view.

When we get out of school we get a job, (if we can), because that’s all we know to do. The “3 G’s” that our families, neighbors and teachers always taught us are Grow up, Go to school, and Get a job.

Here’s some pragmatic straight thinking.

Now that you have a job, you get a car.

Do you think you OWN your car?

Only if you paid cash for it. If you signed some papers for a car loan, and you have to make monthly payments, you don’t own that car until after the last payment is made. When will that be? Six or seven YEARS?

Or maybe you fell for the leasing merry-go-round. With a lease you’re NEVER gonna own a car. You might get to drive a different car every 2 or 3 years IF you play by the rules and don’t drive them much. But you’ll NEVER actually own a car. You’re just gonna pay and pay and pay.

If you rent an apartment or a house, you know you don’t own it.

But, how about when you BUY your house? Do you think you own that?

Not if you have a mortgage. The mortgage documents say the bank has ownership until 30 years from now if you’ve made all the payments on time.

Now let’s look at your job. Do you think you have that locked? Some of us may think we’re indispensable to our employer. HELLO. You’re gonna be surprised to find out that your employer knows everyone can be replaced. That’s one of the reasons why they’re in the 2% of society, and not in the 98% that’s poverty stricken. They think straight.

HR didn’t throw their hands up and go home after hiring you. They’re still interviewing.

Who are they interviewing for?  Your replacement.

That’s how our society works.

Now suppose you own your own business and it’s YOUR company. YOU paid to form a corporation or an LLC. You leased a store or an office. You took an inventory loan from the bank. You hired a couple of employees.

Well, just try not remitting the payroll taxes to the IRS and see how fast there’s a padlock on what was your door.

Just try missing payments on your bank loan and watch the auction of your inventory for pennies on the dollar. Then read the deficiency judgment the bank slaps you with.

And after all that, try running away from your lease. The judge will remind you that the signature line has your PERSONAL signature.  By the time they’re finished with you, you’ll have NOTHING. You’ll be lucky if you can pay an attorney to take you through a Federal Bankruptcy proceeding.

Do you really think you own your own business? The Feds, (IRS), the bank and the landlord own it. And they own you.

That’s more straight thinking on how our society works. Every time you put your personal signature on a document you hock your future earnings in return for instant gratification.

So now, let’s see about owning your MLM business based on how society works.

Go back to the original question. Now that you’ve realized that MLM is the only game in town with the leverage you need, you’re realizing that you don’t own the business organization you’re developing within the construct of the marketing plan of someone else’s company. We gave an instant NO answer to your ownership question. You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself, and you DON’T own it.

But look at your position from a pragmatic standpoint.

You know all the people in your organization. That list you have is GOLDEN, and for all practical purposes you own it. If you have good relationships with the people in your orgnization, and the company decides to get rid of all its distributors, or goes out of business, you can all get together and select another company to go with and do the same thing all over again. That’s much better than being sued out of existence.

Also, you NEVER HAD and STILL DON’T HAVE any liabilities. You didn’t own or lease any of the company’s buildings or property. You don’t owe their suppliers any money. You don’t owe any of their taxes. You never signed for anything. Nobody can come after you for anything. Just take your skills, (which are in your head), and the list of your organization, and go where you’ll be appreciated for doing what you do.

So you’re in an MLM business for yourself and it’s not really your own business. So what?
Realizing how things work, aren’t you now in a better position than anyone else in our society?